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3D printing of geopolymer concrete

Concr3de BV is an innovative startup that aims to revolutionise 3D printing in geopolymer concrete. The company, founded by Matteo Baldassaari and Erice Geboers, has already won numerous innovation prizes.
Concr3de's technology offers unrivalled freedom of architectural and sculptural expression at very low cost. Although the geopolymer used is different from ordinary Portland cement, it offers similar compressive strength and better chemical and heat resistance. With this unique combination, Concr3de wants to start commercialising its technology by printing on demand for high added-value, high-visibility projects, gradually moving towards selling the hardware and raw materials.

Concr3de's primary market is the construction market, worth €47 million per year in the Netherlands alone. But there are other markets of interest too, such as restauration, art, and design. Concr3de has good inroads in each of these markets.
The project will last just over a year and cost € 349 375.

To derive a commercial service and product form the Proof of Concept, another €350.000 are required, to be supplied bij TBI Bouw BV. TBI will also assist the project during and after the PoC phase with expertise and in-kind support.

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