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Amsterdam Initiative against Malnutrition: a compilation of 8 workstreams


Kenya, Ethopia, Tanzania, Bangladesh, South Africa


Nairobi (Kenya)


  • Agriculture
  • Consumer goods and retail

Total project budget

€ 21,682,709 (FDOV contribution = € 10,765,374)


  • 23 partners involved in the subprojects

Project description

Malnutrition is a serious problem among people, in particular mothers and children, at the Base of the Pyramid in sub Sahara Africa and Southeast Asia. Both hunger and lack of micronutrients are affecting millions of people. In this project, a large consortium of both local and Dutch seed, food and fortificants producers retailers, two Dutch knowledge institutes, a number of NGOs and a local Ministry is led by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) aiming to break barriers and to provide complete value chain solutions for nutritious foods, from affordable raw materials to available and accessible nutritious foods. The programme contains the ideas of AIM partners in the AIM platform that are worked out into seven separate projects (work streams) plus an umbrella layer (Support work stream). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is both member of the AIM platform as well as this partnership.


Project number: FDOV12KE02-S
Project title: Umbrella with project management, learning platform, M&E and knowledge sharing
Country: Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Bangladesh


Project number: FDOV12KE02-B1
Project title: Access to Vegetables
Country: Tanzania, Kenya


Project number: FDOV12KE02-B3
Project title: Micronutrient Powders
Country: Kenya


Project number: FDOV12KE02-B4
Project title: Fortified milk product
Country: Kenya


Project number: FDOV12KE02-B5
Project title: SPAR Rural Retail Community Centres
Country: South Africa


Project number: FDOV12KE02-BX
Project title: Fortified Food Product
Country: Bangladesh


Project number: FDOV12KE02-E1
Project title: Quality Improvement Network (QIN)
Country: Ethiopia


Project number: FDOV12KE02-E2
Project title: Access to Finance
Country: Kenya



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is formal partner in this project.

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