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Animal recognition methodology for antibiotics-free livestock management.

During the past several decades, the pig livestock industry began to investigate the value of technological solutions to improve yield and reduce operating costs. Today, 80% of pigs are fattened in farms breeding more than 400 pigs. This consolidation towards large scale factory farming increases the complexity of farm management and livestock monitoring activities. Large scale factory farming promotes the proliferation of contagious diseases in livestock and increases the mortality rate. Today, the only solution that farmers implement to reduce the mortality in livestock is the extensive and indiscriminate use of antibiotics on all animals, including healthy ones. Seventy percent of the antibiotics prescribed globally are administered to livestock and 75% of those dosages are not prescribed for therapeutic reasons. This is leading to the big issue of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), which is the ability of microorganisms to withstand antimicrobial treatments. Feedmaster is the innovative solution that can solve livestock challenges. Using image recognition and Artificial Intelligence / Deep-Learning algorithms, it will monitor in real-time pig’s health status, analysing its behaviour, including its weight and size trends. Feedmaster will report on livestock activities and functions as a Decision Support System that recommends interventions to farmers. The system will also measure the impact of new-feeding protocols, further improving animal health—while minimizing antibiotics usage. The technology addresses key problems faced by the EU livestock sector: 1) the need to control contagious diseases and epidemics; 2) the need to reduce antibiotic use in livestock management; 3) the need for Decision Support Systems to improve livestock health; and 4) the requirement to comply with Council Directive 2008/120/EC on animal welfare.

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