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Boosting maternal and child health in Wollega


Project for upgrading of 16 health centres into primary hospitals and by providing basic obstetric services in 100 health centres in Wollega.




Life Sciences & Health


Ministry of Health

Competent Authority

Oromia Health Bureau

Parties Involved

MANGO Consult

Project number


Total project cost / Total ORIO Grant amount

30,551,760 Euro / 15,500,880 Euro

Status project

Implementation phase

Ethiopia has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world – 673/100,000. It is estimated that every year, about 25,000 mothers die and 400,000 more suffer long-term disabilities due to complications during pregnancy, delivery or postpartum period. The leading causes of death are abortion, sepsis, haemorrhage, and obstructed labor. The majority of these deaths are preventable with affordable interventions. Therefore health of women and children is an area of major concern in Ethiopia. Wollega as a sub-region of Oromia is one of the most deprived sub-regions of Ethiopia. In comparison to other regions it scores low on ‘antenatal care from a skilled provider’ and ‘newborn delivered in a health facility’.
The problems in Wollega are demand- and supply side related, therefore the project will address both the upgrading of 16 health centres into primary hospitals and by providing B-EmONC services in 100 health centres. On the demand side family planning and Antenatal Care (ANC) will be addressed. The project will help solve the problem of neonatal- and maternal mortality and probably other diseases in the project area and in surrounding areas by addressing the referral system in the entire Wollega region.

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