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Building of two Level II hospitals in Beira and Marromeu


The project is the improvement and expansion of health care services in the Sofala Province in Mozambique.


Sofala Province, Mozambique


Life Sciences & Health


Ministry of Health Mozambique

Competent Authority

Ministry of Health of Mozambique

Parties Involved

PharmAccess and AMPC

Project number


Total project cost / Total ORIO Grant amount

23,421,162 Euro / 12,136,310 Euro

Status project

Implementation Phase

Level II hospitals play a key role in Mozambique's Primary Health Care strategy as they are first referral point for basic Health Centres and as they provide 'filters' for more expensive level III/IV hospitals making them cost-effective and suitable for the resource poor context.

Two level II hospitals will be developed, implemented and operated in Beira (port city) and Marromeu (rural area), hence strategically expanding access in the province and region. The project consists of health infrastructure, equipment and training. In addition technical assistance and institutional strengthening are part of the project.

The hospital in Beira will be a hospital of 250 beds and the hospital in Marromeu will have 150 beds. The hospitals will heavily reduce pressure on the Beira Central (level IV) hospital which is overcrowded with patients seeking help for health problems which can effectively be addressed at the secondary level. The two hospitals will provide the following services: maternal and neonatal care, prevention, treatment and control of endemic diseases (e.g. HIV, TB, malaria and cholera), basic lab services, emergency and trauma, inpatient (hospital) services and supervision and logistical support to surrounding Health Centres.

The long-term objective of the project is to improve access to quality health care for the poor in deprived areas of the Sofala Province in order to decrease morbidity, disability and mortality rates in the region.

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