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Capacity Development Bangladesh Department of Land Records and Surveys (DLRS), Ministry of Land Bangladesh"

Project purpose

Capacity Development Bangladesh Department of Land Records and Surveys (DLRS), Ministry of Land Bangladesh


(Targeted) project results


  • Enhanced management level capacity within Ministries of Lands with regards to land administration systems that support good land governance principles. Specifically, developing capacity relating to low-cost, faster, and fit-for-purpose: legislative design, organizational design, organizational interoperability, business process re-engineering, and enterprise GIS.
  • Developed operational level capacity within Ministry of Land with regards to modern surveying and database development; concepts on designing and managing fit-for-purpose: geodatabases, land information systems (including LADM and STDM), data acquisition technologies, enterprise GIS, and interoperable systems. 
  • Improved inter-organizational capacity between Ministry of Lands, Law and Defence with regards to developing and implementing: staged developments, harmonized legislative frameworks, inter-organizational collaboration, inter-organizational interoperability, and SDI.

Outcomes (the above outputs will contribute in the longer term to.):

a. For citizens and business (private sector);

i. Faster resolution of outstanding land disputes and  reduced future land-related litigation for

   citizens and private sector.

ii. Cheaper and faster land dealings for citizens and private sector in general.

iii. The opportunity for improved access to credit and more secure land markets

b. For government:

i.  A more authoritative inventory of existing land holdings and dealings

ii. Improved ability to implement land transaction controls

iii. A multi-purpose base register for use across government.









Land registration



€ 170,000


Project status

Implementation phase


Project activities

Intervention starts from the second quarter of 2014 after elections (05-01-2014) and political climate has stabilized.

  • Study visit (max 15 persons DLRS, 10 days, Kadaster, ITC and DLG, 2ndQ 2014) (costs approx. € 55.000* excl. tickets)
  • Follow-up workshop/training in Dhaka (bigger group participants, Kadaster and ITC experts, 3rdQ 2014) (€ 25.000 incl. tickets)
  • Peer group meetings (from 2ndQ 2014 to 1stQ2015 depending on need) (€ 10.000)
  • Missions to Bangladesh by peer-group members for advice/training and further collaboration (€ 25.000)
  • Investigate how ministries and (local) governments (services) can collaborate to collectively gather and store data, use national services and maintain databases (also of Survey of Bangladesh, Ministry of Defence and the Records of Ownership and Rights office, Ministry of Law. (€ 15.000)
  • Internships/intensive training (max. 3 persons; surveying expert, GIS expert and policy/legal expert) at Kadaster and ITC. This activity will enable sharing experience about land registration, government specific tasks, provide a good knowledge base for further developing an institutional framework with a clear division of tasks. Capacity Development of staff, internship, exchange of staff. Internships were requested by DLRS (€ 40.000)

* The study visit should take place ideally in the second quarter of 2014 to have a positive influence also on the EU project and after the elections. Co-financing is then possible from the EU project.

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