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CHINA - DUTCH Market Access Program (MAP) for feed

Project Purpose

Intensify Dutch - Chinese bilateral co-operation in the field of:

  • animal feed production;
  • market access of animal feed;
  • facilitation of bilateral trade.


Increase of the market access for the Dutch feed industry.


Project results

•        increased awareness of Chinese stakeholders in the field of optimizing feed production (feed quality and feed safety);

•        a report on the definitions of feed in China linked to the definitions in the EU and the situation in The Netherlands;

•        a market access report on the relevant regulations, import duties and the necessary steps to transparently open up trade;

•        establishment of regular expert exchange meetings to settle the bilateral issues in this area (in first: dedicated meetings, long term: standard topic in existing expert exchange meetings);

•        the procedure to have the signing of different bilateral protocols (different types of feed) in future started. (signing the protocols as such is probably not possible to realize in the project duration as this procedure takes up to two years.)






The Product Board for livestock, Meat and Eggs



Animal feed



€ 175,000


Status project




  1. Desk research in China and The Netherlands
  2. Inception mission market access

PDV with Chinese counterparts on the project plan which will be confirmed in a signed work plan between both partners.




3. Awareness of feed production chain

  • A seminar will be organised in China with Chinese and Dutch speakers on feed production and trade in conjunction with a big agricultural or animal husbandry exhibition
  • A trainee from China will be invited at the Ministry

4. Best practices / Recommendations on present market access procedures in China to the Dutch industries

  • The whole of administrative and technical procedures, from quarantine restriction till application for an import license will be reviewed

5. Expert exchange meeting in China and the Netherlands with the relevant experts on market access of animal feed, twice a year.

6. Official application for export of special animal feed ingredients and animal feed and drafting new bilateral protocols in cooperation with the NL CVO office.


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