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Commercializing Food Security in Tanzania

Project number



  • Tanzania


  • Northern Highlands of Tanzania


  • Agriculture

Project budget

€ 4,244,200 (FDOV contribution = € 2,108,800)


  • Quality Food Products
  • New Bogaloo
  • AGRA
  • Koudijs (De Heus International)
  • East Africa Grain Council (EAGC)
  • Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives
  • WUR

Project description

The proposal is centered around developing the business model that will accelerate the uptake of agricultural technologies and foster income growth and employment in rural areas. In the Northern Highlands of Tanzania arable land is available but not used to its full potential. An integrated approach of introducing innovative agricultural techniques, and establishing links to warehouses and warehouse receipt systems, should give these local farmers the incentive to produce for the market. Increasing their production of staple foods for both growing urban markets and the food deficit rural areas in East Africa, is deemed the largest growth opportunity available to African farmers. The project is submitted by Quality Food Products Ltd and it’s partners in the PPP facility: New Bogaloo Ltd, NMB PLC, AGRA, EAGC, De Heus BV (Koudijs Animal Nutrition), WUR/DLO Centre for Development Innovation. The Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs will act as an intermediary between Dutch agribusiness investors and the cluster of the PPP project. The Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperation aims at being a nucleus for services / policy guidance to a modernized commercially-driven effective agricultural system by 2025 and will facilitate implementation of activities of the PPP project.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is formal partner in this project.

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