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Construction and Equipment of the General Hospital in Western Managua


The project is defined as the construction, equipping, subsequent use, maintenance and staff capacity building of the new Hospital General Occidental de Managua ("HGOM" or "new hospital"), located in the western district of the capital of Nicaragua. The hospital will have 300 overnight beds and 72 day beds.




Life Sciences & Health


Ministry of External Relations (MINREX)

Competent Authority

Ministry of Health (MINSA)

Parties Involved

Technical assistance during tender: SAB MedConsult B.V. and AMPC from the Netherlands Supervision: Desarrollo Tecnología y Planeación S.A. de C.V. from Mexico Constructor: consortium SGHO (Simed International, the Netherlands; D’Guerrero Ingenieros Sociedad Anónima, Nicaragua; Llansa Ingenieros Sociedad Anónima, Nicaragua; Contraula Enginyería l’Obres S.A., Spain)

Project number


Total project cost / Total ORIO Grant amount

49,700,000 Euro / 16,300,000 Euro

Status project

Implementation Phase

Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, has a population of about 1.5 million, 25 percent of the country's population. Over the past years the city has been growing rapidly resulting in a relatively high population density of 398 inhabitants per km2 and a predominantly young population. The population growth has put an enormous pressure on the existing health care services of Managua.

The hospital is situated in a highly populated and poor urban area of Western Managua. The project consists of three fundamental elements:
  • Construction of a new hospital in Western Managua;
  • Installation and commissioning of medical and non-medical equipment;
  • Technical assistance and institutional strengthening..

The general hospital will function as a national referral hospital and will replace the 160-bed Mother and Child Hospital Vélez Paiz (founded in 1944). The life span of this hospital building has expired and was closed down in April 2014 due to severe earthquake damage. The new hospital will provide the following medical specialties: gynaecology, neonatology, paediatrics, internal medicine, imaging, ICU, surgery and traumatology. The hospital will have 300 beds for inpatients distributed over the different medical specialties. Furthermore, 20 post-surgery beds, 15 observation posts, 6 general consulting rooms, two paediatrics consultation rooms, a full fletch emergency department, seven operating theatres, six delivery units, 18 consulting rooms and six examination rooms, a radiology department and extensive laboratory services.

The main objective of the project is to increase health care coverage and the quality of health care services in Managua and Nicaragua. The specific objectives of the project are reducing infant and maternal mortality rates in Managua and reducing the general morbidity and mortality rates in Nicaragua.

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