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Cooperation on administration and methodology for Strategic Environmental Assessment

Project purpose

The project started with a single workshop in order to explore the possibilities for a more extensive co-operation between Chinese and Dutch SEA professionals. After a successful  exploratory workshop an annex to the MoU between the Netherlands and Chinese Ministries responsible for Environment was signed and a more elaborate project plan has been agreed upon.


The purpose of this project is:

  • To share experiences on effective administrative mechanism and practical approaches for SEA, to the betterment of SEA regulation and practice in both countries;
  • To support capacity development for SEA amongst Chinese government officials and SEA professionals;


Ultimately the project will also contribute to the bilateral relations between China and the Netherlands.


Project results

The project aims to achieve the following results:

  • Exchange of experiences on SEA for Urban planning
  • Joint publication on SEA for Mega-regions
  •   Dutch experience integrated into Chinese SEA training material



China (mostly Beijing) and the Netherlands (a.o. The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam)



Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment






€ 137,651

Status project




  • A 2-day professional exchange workshop, to be held in Beijing (see programme attached below), attended by approximately 20-25 staff involved in SEA. Attendants will be from both MEP and ACEE, as well as a few representatives from prominent universities active in SEA. Two NCEA experts will travel to Beijing for this workshop.
  • Flanking this workshop, meetings with relevant MEP and ACEE partners will be organised to explore existing capacity and knowledge needs, and to what degree these match available Dutch expertise and experience.
  • Development of more detailed co-operation ideas.
  • Follow-up communication to further develop these ideas, both between the MEP/ACEE and the NCEA, and possibly between the NCEA and other Dutch institutions with relevant expertise.
  • Drafting and submission of detailed proposal(s) for further co-operation between China and Netherlands on SEA.

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