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Developing a sustainable waste management policy and new recycling technology in Canada

Project purpose

Support of Provinces and federal government of Canada in developing a sustainable waste management policy in dealing with the new principles of waste management (extended producers responsibility, resource oriented waste policy) and introducing new recycling technology in Canada. In the process the Dutch waste industry and the companies of the PIB cluster will be positioned to pitch their state of the art products and services in the area of waste management.


(Targeted) project results

1) Dutch experience, practice and policies are exchanged with Provincial and Federal Government authorities to set an example for Canadian policies on waste diversion; The policies and practices exchanged will be based on common practice in the Netherlands and incorporate the products and services of the Dutch sector as a whole but also the companies of the cluster in particular.


2) Good practices and performance are exchanged with regard to methods and techniques, presenting Dutch experiences from both the private and the public sector, approaches (governance and) technological solutions to a broad audience of public and private Canadian stakeholders. Companies of the cluster will whenever possible be actively brought under the attention of the Canadian officials.


3 Holland Branding. The Netherlands is already well known for its performance in waste management; though not always is known what Dutch industry and the companies involved in PIB have to offer.






Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat



Water management



€ 119,952


Project status

Implementation phase


Project activities

1. Participation by I&M in trade missions and conferences the PIB cluster is attending (like Centralia in Winnipeg, CWSS/CWRE 2013 and 2014 in Montreal and others to be announced)

Sector specific conferences and exhibitions are opportunities where all stakeholders gather. It provides opportunities to include Dutch companies in this activities.

2. Organizing and participating in incoming missions of Canadian public authorities en private companies; planned first incoming mission will take place September 2013

3. Workshops with Government authorities at Municipal, provincial and federal level and branch organisations (like ONEIA, Ontario Waste Management Association OWMA)

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