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Project purpose
The aim of the event is to promote investment and trade opportunities in Ethiopia for the Dutch private sector and to create awareness among the potential investors. The opportunity can also be used to match Dutch private sector to Ethiopian companies seeking partners. This in return will strengthen the Ethio-Dutch relations in a strategic, durable and mutually beneficiary manner. This is a win-win approach for both sides.

Project results
The deliverable of the project is a two-day business event in the Netherlands, consisting of:

  • Preparation of the event, including official communication, venue, food&beverages, registration, etc;
  • Day 1: whole day business event, focussed on informing and attracting Dutch investors for Ethiopia in general, and with a focus on specific sectors. The substantive organization of the plenary session, the matchmaking and working dinner fall within the responsibilities of the consultant;
  • Day 2: company visits within the sectors oilseeds, vegetable seeds, dairy, poultry, spices, textiles and agro-logistics;
  • A report on the event, with specific attention for results in terms of business linkages and deals, based on an evaluation by all participants. This report will be presented to RVO in The Hague and to the EKN Addis Ababa;
  • Professional communication regarding the event, including a common design to be used for all communication (including the business opportunities reports), and the joint printing and publication of these business opportunities reports.

This project proposal refers to the overall organisation of the event. The sector specific issues will be the responsibility of third parties. This division of responsibilities is further explained under ‘activities’.

Addis Ababa

Sky Promotions B.V.

€ 32.190

Project status

Project activities
The project will thus consist of the practical organization of the two-day event, including the booking of the venue, food & beverage, design, communication and printing/publication of promotion material and separate business opportunities reports. This project proposal refers to the overall organisation, which will be performed in close cooperation with third parties (see below).

The overall event is to consist of two days, of which the first day will compose of the following elements:

  • General plenary session on investing in Ethiopia, with testimonies from the Dutch private sector in Ethiopia
  • 7 separate thematic sessions on specific sectors (i.e. oilseeds, vegetable seeds, dairy, poultry, spices,  textiles and logistics/construction) based upon business opportunities reports and business cases, to be prepared and led by third parties
  • Matchmaking between Dutch companies and Ethiopian and Dutch authorities on investments (B2G)
  • Ethiopian companies and possible Dutch business partners (B2B)
  • Dutch companies amongst themselves, to establish cooperation (B2B).
  • A working dinner.

The second day will consist of several sector specific programme of company visits and falls under the responsibility of third parties. Thus, this project addresses the organisation of the overall event, composing of the following elements:

  1. Booking of an appropriate venue, including necessary facilities, food & beverages, etc;
  2. Registration of participants;
  3. Communication on the event
  4. Publication of reports and business cases with a common design. The content of reports will be delivered in digital form, according to a fixed format by third parties [see below];
  5. Organization of a plenary session;
  6. Organization of matchmaking;
  7. Organization of a working dinner;
  8. tbd: Practical organization (transport and logistics) of the company visits on day 2;
  9. Evaluation of the event by all participants.

Responsibilities of third parties involved:

  1. Provision of business opportunity reports per sector. These will be delivered to the consultant before a set deadline (at least one month before the Ethio NL business event), as the consultant will provide publication with a  common design;
  2. Preparation of business cases per sector;
  3. Substantive preparation and organization of the sector specific sessions on day 1, and moderation of the session. The consultant will be responsible for the venue and facilities of the 7 specific sector sessions;
  4. Attracting Dutch private sector relevant for the specific sector. Registration will be organized by the consultant, for a comprehensive overview of participants;
  5. Planning of the company visit per sector, including an indication of companies to visit and contact details. The consultant will be responsible for the practical organization of the company visits and will accompany the visitor’s group.

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