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Establishment of the rail freight corridor PL- NL

Project purpose

  • To maintain and enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of rail transport and infrastructure with the aim of developing and exchanging solutions to common challenges, minimising the duplication of efforts. Four main areas of common interest are identified:
  • Development of infrastructure;
  • Efficient transport systems;
  • Safety, security and enforcement;
  • Agenda of the Transport Council.


Project results

  • A terminals and corridor implementation plan has been set up.
  • Recommendations for infrastructure improvements are drawn up.
  • Recommendations for service quality improvement an market transparency is drawn up






Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment






€ 75,000


Status project



Project activities

The tasks / subtask for 2012 are outlined below in consultation with railway sector involved in the 2011 program, the inception meeting will be used to define the 2012 cooperation project more in detail.

Tasks / subtasks:


Terminals & corridor implementation plan

  1. overview of  present  situation and the role of freight  terminals along the corridor. Consultants lead;
  2. support creation of the corridor Infrastructure Managers’ terminal advisory  group, drafting  of  ToR, access to terminals (report of  regulatory  bodies tbc), strategy of corridor implementation plan. ProRail / PLK lead.

Infrastructure improvements

  1. bottlenecks alleviation assessments on corridor: making long trains operable (reference is UN ECE AGC standard 750m), reducing speed restrictions, implementation  interoperability including ERTMS(where applicable);  creation of asset management  plan on the PL and NL corridor sections. E.g. by presentation ProRail 2011 2012 infrastructure study Betuweroute – Bentheim. PLK and ProRail lead;
  2. analysis of infrastructure charging system and  price sensitivity. Consultants lead. Analysis of infrastructure charging structure and adjustments, PLK ProRail lead.

Service  quality & Market transparency

  1. improve reliability –define short term measures to improve quality, optimize usage of Telematics tools OPTIRAILS/TCS, Pathfinder/PCS to improve capacity allocation / traffic management. ProRail / PLK lead;
  2. facilitate market functioning along  corridor supporting interface between railway undertakings / rail customers and infrastructure managers. (.e.g.  in Warsaw and in Rotterdam), market overview.  Business events in margin of Ministers’ visit to Warsaw and possibly vice versa. Preparation more permanent rail freight corridor market meetings in cooperation with ports. Consultants lead.

Cross acceptance of rolling stock

  1. Prepare cross-acceptance list. UTK and IVW lead

Adopt cross acceptance list and implementation


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