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FAB lab development for GITA (Georgian Information Technology Agency)

Project purpose
The objective:
Training (knowledge & skills) of 20 new iLab and FabLab managers during the autumn/winter semester in 2015. With the knowledge and skills the trained managers will be able to assist entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize their business opportunities. Also students will have the opportunity to learn and study in these Labs

The main goal of the project is to make the Georgian IT sector less dependable on import of expertise and more internationally competitive. The project aims to contribute to the modernization of the knowledge infrastructure in Georgia order to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, with a focus on new media and rapid prototyping services.

Expertise and coaching is needed to optimize the potential of the new FabLabs and iLabs, facilitated and initiated by GITA.

Project results

  • Better skilled trainers to help find solutions for the users of the lab;
  • Effective usage of laboratory equipment (3D printer, scanner, laser-cutter, etc.)
  • More qualified trained trainers with EU standard curriculum and the plan to share the gained knowledge;
  • More experience running FabLabs and iLabs;
  • Having a strategic and business plan to become a profitable organization on long term;
  • Tools and understanding for international cooperation;
  • Better equipped to be able to solve problems that could occur in the future.

Tblisi, Georgia

Orion Innovation

€ 57.296

Project status
Implementation phase

Project activities
A series of workshops need to take place in the labs, in Tbilisi. In between the workshops, coaching is needed – on distance (by skype).
All activities will take place in Georgia between September and December 2015.

The training needs to give managers the opportunity to:

  • better understand the model and work flows of FabLabs and iLabs
  • make them aware of their role in the economic development of the country
  • teach how they can better benefit from the international infrastructure.

The training needs to be based on real life cases from the labs and will be coached to give assistance in the development of the products and services.
The training will focus on the managers of the existing labs (iLab and FabLab alike) and the people who will run a lab in the near future.

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