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Feasibility study for passenger water transport Mombasa


Project purpose
The purpose of this project is to conduct a feasibility study on water bus services around Mombasa Island which will contribute to reducing the problem of traffic congestion in Mombasa.

The study, which builds on the previous pre-feasibility study consists of three phases which will each be followed by a GO/NO GO decision. Phase A of this feasibility study should provide insight in the technical and economic feasibility of water transport in Mombasa (Island Line). Furthermore potential funders and investors are to be approached to check their interest for funding and map their conditions.
Once the technical viability is proven and the commercial feasibility has been researched, the follow-up would be conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment (Phase B). This phase offers opportunities for Dutch involvement, building on existing knowledge with regard to impact assessment and the interpretation of its results. The final step would be to support the Mombasa County Government in acquiring funds from public and private bankers and investors (Phase C).

Project results
The first phase (A) of the feasibility study is expected to deliver results which address technical and commercial viability and will deliver an bankable business plan. See activities for more details.

The second phase of the project (B) involves an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Commissie MER, who are a.o. already involved in the TANA Delta Masterplan EIA, will be part of this phase. They will contribute to this development and its embedding in the Mombasy county government and institutions. They can assist Mombasa county with terms of reference for the EIA and with interpreting and implementing its final results. It’s part of their core business and no additional funds will be required for their assistance. Their costs will be part of a separate project which is administered by themselves and provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The last phase of the project (C) involves discussions with the potential funders and investors that have been identified and met during phase A. Letters of Intent on financing agreements and an action plan to take further steps are part of this final result.

Draft report and final report will be sent and presented to the County Government, RVO and Dutch Embassy.

Mombasa, Kenia

Berenschot B.V.

€ 78.730

Project status
Implementation phase

Project activities
Phase A of the feasibility study is expected to deliver a report which included the following components/activities:

  • Passengers’ willingness to pay survey. This is needed to determine affordable tariff ranges, the required capacity of water transport services, and the conditions for commuters to shift from another modality to water transport;
  • Bathymetrical surveys at the proposed landing site locations and inventory of the technical requirements of the landing sites. This is needed as input for the technical assessment and to present preliminary designs for the landing sites;
  • Survey to determine the ownership of landing sites’ land;
  • Inventory of the required peripheral infrastructural investments at the landing site locations (parking spaces, access roads to landing sites);
  • Inventory of the water busses’ required technical specifications, import and registration conditions, maintenance requirements;
  • Design of the passenger transport service (type of service, number of vessels, line per vessel, time schedule, tariffs);
  • Detailed financial projections based on expected investment costs, operational costs and operational revenues based on the newly acquired data;
  • Inventory of interested financing agencies and potential investors, and conditions for their participation;
  • Overview of possible measures to decrease congestions and their impact and measures to improve intermodal connectivity of the landing sites.

The following stakeholders will be involved:

  • County Government: Mr Joho, governor
  • Ministry of Transport:  Mr Abbas, minister
  • National Treasury Department: Dr Ronoh, legal advisor PPP unit
  • City Council, Mr Keno, city engineer
  • Kenyan Marine Authority (KMA)
  • Matatu Welfare Association: measures aimed at improving ‘urban mobility’ en connecting with other modalities.
  • National Environmental Management Authority: Mr F. Owiti, lead EIA expert and contact point for Cie MER.

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