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Healty Business development programme

Goal of the project

The HSME business development project aims to realize the following outcomes:
  • 20% increase in number of patient visits and revenue and an on average a 10% increase in staff base of the HSMEs which have completed the two year business development programme
  • Improved clinical performance of at least 60% of the HSMEs which have completed the two year business development programme. At least 80% of the respective HSMEs have improved clinical performance of their maternal and child health service package
  • Volume of loans disbursed to HSMEs which have completed the programme of at least USD1,000,000 per year, totalling USD 5,000,000 after 6 years (5 years of implementation); decreased barriers to access to financing for female health with the banks engaged in the programme
  • HSMEs are participating in county government public health service delivery.

Project number



  • Kenya


  • Kenya


  • Health
  • Financial sector

Project budget

€ 3,918,260 (FDOV contribution = € 1,959,130)


  • Medical credit fund
  • Ministry of Health (Kenya)
  • Strathmore Business School
  • World Bank IFC Health in Africa Initiative
  • AMPC International Health Consultants

Project description

The core intervention of the programme consists of a two-year business development trajectory for the HSME sector (Health Small and Medium Enterprises) in Kenya, comprising (loan) products and Business Development Services (BDS, including training, coaching and managerial support) that help HSMEs improve their performance and grow their businesses. The package of products and services is designed in a tiered fashion, roughly targeting three different market segments: the low-end (Segment C) of the market, which needs instructions on the basics of running a health business and getting the required systems, processes and procedures in place to be able to up their performance and apply for a loan; the mid-market HSMEs (Segment B) and higher end (Segment A) HSMEs, which will be serviced with help with accessing larger loans, high level trainings (mini-MBAs of about 3 weeks) and strategic advisory services and process management support to help them sustainably expand their businesses based on sound financial planning.
Special attention will be paid to the health and the economic position of women. The project will target HSMEs which provide maternal and child health services, and the Business Development Service package focuses particularly on improving the quality of maternal and child health services. Additionally, the project comprises a capacity building programme that helps county governments effectively manage their new task of public health service delivery, amongst other through stimulating involvement of HSMEs in the provision of public health services, through PPPs or Service Level Agreements and the like.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is formal partner in this project.

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