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Improving the detection and control method of Citrus Longhorn Beetle (Anoplophora chinensis) in the trade of woody nursery products

Project purpose

The project will contribute to a better phytosanitary guarantee on Citrus Longhorn Beetle (CLB) with the trade of woody nursery products from China by investigating three components: an improvement of phytosanitary preventive measures and inspection technique, a better monitoring system on CLB and improving a final eradication treatment of CLB in the woody nursery products.


Project results

The expected results will be further fine-tuned during the assessment mission. Preliminary results include:

  • The current project will try to introduce the developed techniques that will lead to the trade of woody nursery products from China to the EU guaranteed free from CLB.
  • The developed techniques will be reliable and ready for practical implementation especially in controlling CLB. Besides being used as a governmental tool, it can also be a tool used by the private sector.
  • Possibly a Chinese proposal could be formulated towards the EU as an additional requirement for the declaration of the pest free area (PFA) on CLB.


Project activities

With the activities described below, the project aims to contribute to solving a treatment problem of harmful organisms, in this case insects, present inside the plant material.

The Chinese researchers will play a key role in executing the research. The research method and approach will be designed by the Dutch and the Chinese experts and WUR and NVWA will provide guidance and advise during the whole process. Finally the WUR and NVWA will play an important role in processing and interpreting the research results. Much of the work in the laboratory and in the field will be performed by the Chinese researchers.



  1. An assessment visit and setting the conditions for the trials is essential for a good start and commitment of the project (NVWA and WUR);


During this mission the project proposal, the research plan and its activities will be presented to the different stakeholders in this project, both in Beijing and Guangzhou. The planning of the research program and involvement of the Chinese research counterpart (NVWA and WUR) during 2012 will be discussed as well.


  1. Two visits of the Dutch specialists (NVWA and WUR) are foreseen in order to follow the performance of the research program over the year and discuss the preliminary results with the relevant Chinese parties. The missions will be combined with lectures or workshops for the local government and or local industry;


  1. A study visit to the Netherlands will be organised for government officials, researchers and trade representatives. During the study trip attention will be paid to the complexity of the CLB problems and the import inspections, providing insight in the whole chain and enabling the discussion between the public and private stakeholders. Also research topics will be addressed during the study trip;


  1. In between the visits to and from China, the NVWA and WUR will work on processing the gathered information of the research program and drafting the final recommendations;


  1. A seminar will be organised in China in order to present and discuss the results of the trials in China with the relevant officials, researchers and trade representatives. In addition, a final meeting will be organised in order to discuss the possible implementation of the research results in the national/regional inspection system with the counterpart and the relevant stakeholders.



Beijing, Guangdong (amongst others)



The Netherlands Food and Product Safety Authority (NFPSA)



Plant Protection.



€ 125,000


Project status



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