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Instutional development cooperation of CdC in new political context

Project purpose

To assist the CdC in consolidating and institutionalising new approaches, strategies and working methods developed in the earlier phases of cooperation between the CdC and the NCA in line with the CdC Strategic Plan, thus improving the quality and impact of the reports issued and contributing to the enhancement of transparency, accountability and good governance in Tunisia.
This is an important period following the first parliamentary and presidential elections in October and November 2014 after the adoption of the new Constitution. Furthermore due to external political factors and an immense workload at the CdC not all activities previously planned have been completed. These components are essential for the CdC in order to be able:
A. To become an important player in the field of good governance and public financial management and therefore;
B. to build a good relationship with stakeholders like for example the recently elected Parliament and the still developing free media and 3. to further develop the CdC’s role in the regional promotion among ARABOSAI members of the concept of integrity.

Project results

Expected results are the following:

  1. The strategic plan 2015-2019 gives a clear focus for the audit work of the CdC and a working relationship has been established between key external stakeholders and the CdC.
  2. The Tunisian colleagues have taken a leading role and set a good example in promoting the concept of integrity in the ARABOSAI region.

The Communications function is seen as a professional, valuable and necessary part of the work of the CdC and has become a standard aspect of all the internal and external work of the CdC.  The CdC is an example to other public sector institutions in terms of communicating openly and regularly with its stakeholders over its activities and promoting discussion of issues of public concern.


Tunis, Tunesia


Algemene Rekenkamer




€ 177,799

Project status

Implementation phase

Project activities

These project proposal activities are divided in two parts. The first part concerns the activities for a total budget of € 67.110. and for the second part of the proposal a budget of € 110.689 will be required.

4 standard missions in Tunis:

First part:

  • A Strategy workshop for product development (6 trained persons)
  • An Integrity workshop to  further develop an action plan for developing and assuming the CdC’s  regional leading IntoSAINT rol within the ARABOSAI region (4 trained persons)
Second part:
  • A workshop to finalise, design and implement a strategy/communications plan to institutionalize  the Communications policy and 
    procedures within the CdC (6 trained persons).
  • A Stakeholder relations workshop on the basis of the new Strategic plan 2015-2019 and Communications Strategy with key Tunisian Stakeholders (6 trained persons).
  • Plus one final closing steering committee meeting in Tunis.

3 study visits in the Hague:

First part:

  • Strat planning workshop to finalize plan 2015-2019 (6 trained persons)
Second Part:
  • A Communication training programme for complete Communications Working Group. (6 trained persons)
  • A High-level joint visit with key external Tunisian stakeholders to the Netherlands to strengthen relations between Tunisian participants and develop a joint action plan. (Max. 6 persons, exact number of persons depending on the availability of the Tunisian Stakeholders).

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