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Integrated Water Management and Knowledge Transfer in the Sisili Kulpawn Basin, Ghana




Yagaba, North Ghana


  • Water
  • Water technology
  • Agriculture

Project budget

€ 11,622,114 (FDW contribution = € 6,973,268)


  • WIENCO Ghana Limited
  • Savannah Accelerated Development Authority
  • Alterra, Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek
  • RebelGroup International BV

Project description

Project area in the Savannah Agro-Ecological Zone of Northern Ghana is characterized by difficult agro-ecological conditions, annual flooding, droughts, poor soils and erratic rainfall, resulting in mainly rainfed farming conditions. The project envisages to introduce modern irrigation and rainfed farming aiming to increase incomes of about 3000 out-grower smallholder farmers on 6,000 ha producing a variety of crops including maize, legumes, soybean and cotton. The project will develop 150 ha land into 15 block farms of 10 ha each for outgrowers and 250 ha into a commercial irrigation farm. The intervention contains an extensive training and extension package to sustainably support the behavioral change from traditional into modern farming, introducing irrigation as well as water retention and improved crop management techniques (conservation farming), at the same time ensuring availability of agricultural input supplies, credit facilities and access to secured markets. The project which has significant scaling opportunity, will have an indirect impact on the livelihood of 21,600 people and stimulate employment and economic growth in the North of Ghana.

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