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Irrigation study visit UASCG

Project purpose

United Amelioration System Company of Georgia (UASCG) is responsible for the Rehabilitation of Zemo Samgori Irrigation System. With its 30,285 ha, Zemo Samgori is the largest irrigation and drainage system of Georgia's total gravity irrigation network of 278,294 ha. Zemo Samgori, when fully operational, will serve 27,532 farms in the rural areas of the provinces of Kaheti, Mtskheti and Kvemo Kartli, were almost 50% of the populations lives below the national poverty threshold and almost 20% in extreme poverty. It is expected that income of the farmers will rise with more than 40% and being used for capital investment and diversification of the crops. For the rehabilitation support of the ORIO program is requested and ORIO supports the studies for the development. The target of the study visit is to get knowledge of the management of irrigation/drainage systems in The Netherlands.

The requested issues to discuss are:

•          Water management;
•          Organization and supervising of rehabilitation/construction works;
•          Assets management of the irrigation/drainage systems.
•          Use of modern technologies ERP, SAP, etc...
•          Relations between the government and the farmers.

Project results
Input and knowledge on management of irrigation/drainage systems in the Netherlands relevant for the implementation of the rehabilitation of the Zemo Samgori Irrigation System. Focus on acquiring a clear understanding on dialogue, public consultations and cooperation models between the government and the farmers on water use in the Netherlands. The visit will contribute to a successful development of the Zemo Zamgori rehabilitation.

Tblisi, Georgia

Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)

€ 10,617

Project status
Implementation phase

Project activities
Organisation of the programme of the study visit (3-4 days)  including logistics, based on the requested subjects and in consultation with UASCG, ORIO and Maatwerk van Monfort. One afternoon is requested for meetings with the ORIO team.

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