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Legislative tools for green construction

Project purpose

The aim of this project is to provide guidance on the introduction of legislative tools and economic drivers to stimulate green (energy efficient and sustainable) construction in Russia, and to make Russian regional authorities and businesses acquainted with relevant Dutch approaches and technologies in the field of green construction.


Project results

  • Beneficiary has gained essential knowledge on energy efficiency and sustainability requirements integrated into the Terms of Reference for project proposals, and uses this knowledge in the ToR for construction projects in Saint-Petersburg;
  • Beneficiary is acquainted with relevant Dutch knowledge and experience in the field of green construction, covering both policy aspects (legislation, tools and economic drivers) as well as technical aspects (projects);
  • Project team has developed recommendations for the introduction of Dutch/EU legislative tools and economic drivers for green construction in Russia;
  • Professional exchanges (G2G and B2B) established between Dutch and Russian counterparts;
  • Easy-to-introduce and to-use approaches, principles and technologies for green construction have been presented to regional authorities and business at the International PROEstate Forum and other events in Russia;
  • Project results disseminated to Russian and Dutch public and private stakeholders.



Saint Petersburg



Netherlands Enterprise Agency



Energy efficiency



€ 150,000


Status project



Project activities

  • Practical approach: the project will focus on practical cases and exchanges on efficient policy tools and green technical solutions (so not a full study of comparing legislations etcetera);
  • Awareness raising: coverage of the project in professional periodicals, on sites. Interviews with the Dutch and Russian professionals involved in the project.
  • Smart planning: when planning the activities the project team will make optimal use of events that are already taking place in Russia, like the Conference on Sustainable technologies in real estate industry in Moscow, the PROEstate Forum in Saint-Petersburg (including the Green Awards competition ceremony).
  • Creating expert networks: All parties involved will actively stimulate the broadening and intensification of professional and institutional exchanges between Russia and the Netherlands during the project (for example by including Dutch companies into the PROEstate program). The feasibility of organising a “Dutch Building Design Week”, where companies are invited to show their qualities, combined with lectures, fieldtrips etcetera will be investigated. The bilateral RU-NL year in 2013 would be the optimal timing for such an event (although it is NOT financeable as part of this G2G project).


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