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Netherlands Kenyan Dairy Management Program

Project purpose

The aim of the project is to develop the knowledge level and skills of the Kenyan dairy sector and to strengthen the (economic) relations between the Dutch and Kenyan dairy industry.

Project results

  1. Well educated farm managers and farm owners who are able to implement the lessons learned as well as the gained insights at their own company;
  2. to strengthen/improve the Kenyan dairy sector;
  3. to strengthen, improved and create (economic) relations between the Dutch and Kenyan dairy industry.

Beira, Kenya

NABC - Netherlands-African Business Council

€ 43.764

Project status
Implementation phase

Project activities
As mentioned before during the development of the Kenyan dairy sector the DDDP and the Kenyan stakeholders noticed that knowledge on a very practical and basic level is missing. For that reason this NMTP is set up. The activities foreseen in this NMTP are as follows.

Selection of farmers

  • A list of basic selection criteria will be made up (position, educational level, size farm under fodder etc.);
  • target group: farm managers and farm owners;
  • SNV, EDFA and companies within DDDP will be asked to come forward with a list of potential candidates. With respect to the relation between SNV and the Kenya Market-led Dairy Programme (KMDP), SNV has to attune the selection of the participants with KMDP;
  • in total 10 farm managers will be selected. It is foreseen that one of the candidates who is now participating in the K2K-project which is implemented by Q-point will be invite to take part in this NMTP;
  • the list of selected candidates will be approved by

To guarantee the commitment of the candidates they will be requested to pay for their own ticket. The only ticket which will be financed by the project budget is the ticket of the candidate who is participating in the K2K-project.


On the basis of the selection of candidates the learning objectives shall be defined (on personal level but also the high management of the dairy farm will be consulted) as well as the set-up of the training programme/training subjects. Subjects could be for example: food management, artificial insemination and animal health, calf breeding, hygiene and milk quality.

To make sure that the training is congruent with the traineeship the candidates will have to make an assignment or draft a plan. NABC is requested to come with a format for this assignment/plan. In this assignment/plan the candidates are required to describe a.o. the way or manor how they are going to implement the lessons learned back at home. Furthermore the participants will be requested to organise a seminar back at home to share their experiences and lessons learned. An option could be to organise a joint seminar.

The duration of the training will be approx. 4 days.
Costs related to this training will be covered by


After the training the candidates will follow a traineeship at a Dutch company of their interest. The goal of the traineeship is to bring into practice the knowledge the participants gained during the training and to create/strengthen (economic) relations between Dutch and Kenyan companies working in the field of dairy.

During the traineeship an (final) event will be organised where it is possible for the participants and for the DDDP to present themselves to each other. It’s recommended to also invite other relevant Dutch companies working in the dairy sector for this event.

The duration of the traineeship will be approx. 6 days.
Costs for the traineeship shall be covered by the companies who provide the traineeship (transport, housing and meals).

After the training and traineeship the project will be evaluated by the participants and host companies; are objectives met and are there any follow ups?

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