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New Communities Initiative

Project purpose

To enable the District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development to design and implement a strategic comprehensive approach for sustainable redevelopment according to the New Communities Initiative, herewith enabling Dutch businesses to sell their distinctive expertise in this field to their Washington DC counterparts.


Project results

The higher goal of the cooperation between the District of Columbia and Dutch Government is the implementation of the New Communities Initiative, using the services of the Dutch private sector. As described above, this G2G project is only one part of the process. Results to be achieved:

  • The project beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders have increased knowledge on the Dutch practice of integrated thinking on redeveloping both social communities and physical infrastructure in neighborhoods and relevant lessons learned from the Dutch approach have been shared;
  • Position of the Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development strengthened which will help to align partners, develop a common vision and move forward towards the implementation of the New Communities Initiative;
  • Results of the workshop disseminated;
  • Relations between GODUTCH foundation and local stakeholders in communities and with developers in Washington DC have been established;
  • Preparations for the combined bidding by US and Dutch companies on tenders for the New Communities Initiative are finished.



Washington D.C.



The project will be implemented by a public-private consortium headed by the Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment.



Infrastructure and Environment



€ 61,500


Status project



Project activities



1. Preparatory activities and visits working toward a workshop GODUTCH

  • Translating the Dutch approach into a format that can be communicated to the District of Columbia and the stakeholders involved;
  • Preparation, organization and attending stakeholdership meetings scheduled for October 31st  to November 5th ;
  • Visiting the areas of the NCI and meeting community leaders;
  • Preparing a range of workshops on the four areas of the NCI to demonstrate the GODUTCH approach.

Planning: September 1st to November 5th 2011


2. Workshop GODUTCH

A group of Dutch experts will present a series of workshops on the Dutch approach to the four areas of the New Communities Initiative. The Dutch ambassador and the Mayor of Washington DC will be endorsing and attending this workshop aimed at the relevant stakeholders and developers of the NCI.

Planning: November 14-17th 2011


3. Dissemination and evaluation of the results of the workshop

The results will be disseminated to the organizations attending the workshop and will be evaluated with the District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

Planning: November 18th until December 1st 2011


Go/No-go decision

After the workshops the project team together with the Netherlands Embassy will evaluate to what extent the envisaged result (a positive attitude amongst the stakeholders towards introducing the GODUTCH approach into the New Communities Initiative) has been achieved. Based on that evaluation a go/no-go decision will be made.




4. Matchmaking session : GODUTCH members and stakeholders and local project developers

Up to the point where actual bids can be made on the development of projects in the NCI, coordinated efforts need to be made in order to enable the developers in Washington DC to connect to their counterparts in the Netherlands with the expertise they need to “Go Dutch”.

A matchmaking session will be organized between the project developers in Washington and the GODUTCH consortium.

The G2G project will cover only the preparatory efforts of the external advisor/lobbyist. Travel and accommodation costs will be paid by the GODUTCH consortium members.

Planning: December 1st 2011 to April 1st 2012.


5. Eliminating barriers and solving problems in the participation of Dutch companies in combined biddings in NCI projects

The external advisor/lobbyist will help to resolve issues of administrative or legislative nature to enable a fruitful cooperation between US and Dutch companies in the NCI.

Planning: December 1st 2011 to April 1st 2012

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