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phytosanitary factfinding mission Suriname


Project purpose
Identification on how NVWA can support the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery to set up a well operating phytosanitary system together with the local Plant Protection Organisation, according to the IPPC Standards.

Project results
Identification of possible capacity building and cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery and the Phytosanitary service and the NVWA, which can result in a proposal for cooperation with realistic measurable results and within a reasonable timeframe.

Parimaribo, Suriname



€ 19,320

Project status
Implementation phase

Project activities

Mission programme Suriname:

The programme will be arranged together with the Netherlands embassy and relevant stakeholders.
Fact-finding mission of 2 experts of NVWA;

  • Briefing/ Debriefing Netherlands Embassy Paramaribo
  • Presentation of findings on Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery
  • Presentation of possible cooperation with regards to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery
  • Identification on primary needs and gaps and the needed support from the Netherlands
  • Amount of  inspectors and education level
  • Main features of the phytosanitary policy
  • Activities of other donors in relation to strengthening phytosanitary service
  • Set up of cooperation proposal on main features (first draft Terms of

    The identification report that will be delivered after the mission will include:
  • Information about the Surinam (governmental) organisations and (knowledge) institutes that handle phytosanitation;
  • Contact details of persons working at the relevant organisations and institutes ;
  • A description of and information about possible needs/wishes;
  • Analyses of realisation of the possible needs and wishes;
  • Identification of possible cooperation with foreign organisations that work in the field of phytosanitation;


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