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Poultry Centre

Project purpose

At the end of the project the management of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research is able  to run a high qualified poultry demonstration farm in a sustainable way and to provide adequate training for commercial poultry farms in Ethiopia. After this project, there will be a thorough management, making the farm serve its purpose to the right level; It can be uses as perfect  example for poultry farmers in other regions of Ethiopia and as an example for a demonstration farm on other places in Ethiopia.

Project results

Through intensive support of the (daily) management of the training stables with regard to setting up the animals, feeding, the lighting, ventilation and hygiene. Plus finding a good market and the training of  how to run a sustainable poultry centre in the longer term. At the end of the project there will be a sound and sustainable management of the demonstration farm by EIAR. This demonstration farm will be run in such a way that it can and will be used as an example for other regions in Ethiopia and of a leading practical training centre.


Addis Ababa


NABC - Netherlands-African Business Council


€ 14.950

Project status

Implementation phase

Project activities

  1. Guidance of the EIAR (Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture en de Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research ) with regards to  the  Management  of the National Poultry Training Centre-guidance for the first year. For making stables ready, technical support, organise collaboration with HAPP for the start of the season  and to support further development of the training programs with HAPP.
  2. Give support for enhanced cooperation between the different Ethiopian stakeholders; working out the agreements in practice and cooperate in the implementation
  3. Work out a demonstration concept including a ToT programme to copy this training centre example to other parts of Ethiopia, with the Ethiopian Ministry of agriculture
  4. At the end of the project a report will be set up and delivered to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency with the obtained results, which specifically discusses the way in which this intervention has strengthened the local private poultry sector and how it has strengthened possible business for Dutch enterprises.

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