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ProNicaragua goes Holland horticulture

Project purpose

Goal of this project is primarily to promote bilateral trade and investment in the horticulture sector between Netherlands on the one hand and Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica on the other hand. One of the main obstacles for this sectors is their poor access to high value markets.
A Dutch trade mission can contribute to an increase of the horticultural (and agricultural) competitiveness of the Central American region through increasing market access and better knowledge on issues like food safety and climate volatility.

The objectives of the trade mission are as follows:

  • matchmaking between CA exporters and Dutch importers
  • promote Dutch initiatives to adapt horticulture to climate volatility (e.g. adapted varieties, protected culture, greenhouses)
  • promote Dutch sustainable solutions / added value initiatives
  • present opportunities/niches and gain insight into obstacles for Dutch companies in the agri-food sector in CA;
  • promote Dutch private sector development tools both for local and Dutch companies (e.g PUM, PIB, DGGF, FDOV).

Project results

The result of this project is a trade mission in the horticulture sector matching:
A.  demand from CA in terms of productivity with supply from Holland in terms of technology and
B.  supply from CA in terms of export volumes with demand from EU and The Netherlands in

Managua, Nicaragua

VDS A'Campo BV


€ 15,000

Project status

Project activities
During the trade mission the following activities will take place:

  • informal kick-off and dinner hosted by the Ambassador;
  • Matchmaking (morning), lunch hosted by CADEX
  • Breakfast hosted by ProNicaragua, presentation of the agro food sector ; company visits ;
  • Company visits (morning); matchmaking (afternoon);
  • Holland Day at the Agritrade fair including seminar and matchmaking;

With regard to the company visits two parallel programs will be organised. One parallel program will focus on the floriculture while the other will include fruits and vegetables.

Dutch sector organisations such as Dutch Seed Valley, FrugiVenta, AVAG and Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie Nederland (LTO) will be involved for the promotion of the mission.

The three local counterparts will be consulted to discuss the program (companies to be visited). It is suggested to ask PRONICARAGUA which products and companies are they thinking to promote and support on the AgriTrade Fair in Guatemala.

The promotion of Dutch trade instruments during the prescheduled gathering of the participants will be organised. This will contribute to a better success ratio of Dutch companies looking for horticulture business in Central America.

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