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Puerto Verde México: G2G-Program for Regional Horticultural Platforms in 3 regions in Mexico

Project purpose
Support to 3 regional platforms, in which Mexican stakeholders, chaired by governmental representatives, develop a cohesive regional horticultural development vision, identifying opportunities for future cooperation between Mexican and Dutch expertise and companies.

Sinaloa, Queretaro, Aquascalientes


The Government Service for Land and Water Management (DLG)


€ 291,000

Project duration
Implementation phase

Project result
Organisational 'governance' models for horticultural development in three Mexican states defined in terms of public-private partnership and consequently vital platforms are created.

Integrated regional horticultural development visions at state level, discussed and agreed by all important stakeholders, approved by respective governments.

Action plans defined by MX stakeholders, coordinated by respective governmental agencies, in order to form new coalitions, remove obstacles and create new structures and facilities. Actions plans include identification of the potential of the Dutch ‘Greenport’ approach and Dutch innovations in hardware, greenware and knowledge, both at high- and medium-level technology.

Project activities

Elaboration inception mission NL implementing team to Mexico d.f. and regions into a action plan for the Follow-up mission;

stakeholder and force field analysis;

Follow-up mobilisation of all stakeholders (August-september 2012) for next stages of the project;

Organisation of the Round Table Conferences;

For this (2. above) and for support of the activities mentioned below a local person will be hired for 14-15 months, working under supervision of the Dutch embassy though posted in a central horticultural area for networking purposes.

Organisation and visioning

First  Round Table Conference in each region (September/October 2012) to explore and promote a stronger cooperation between government, the business community and knowledge institutes and to formulate a route map towards a commonly shared vision;

Desk research, networking and meetings by the Project Officer for the promotion and facilitation of further cooperation among the Mexican stakeholders;

Desk research, meetings and seminars by the Project Officer in order to assist the elaboration of the common vision;

Meetings on disclosure of production areas, how to involve interests of potential investors, balancing of claims on land, energy and water use;

Presentation of Dutch innovative concepts and knowledge exchange in answer to formulated needs by Mexican stakeholders. Exchange with activities of 2g@there-programme of MexiCultura.

Action planning / filling gaps in know how and hardware

Second Round Table Conference in each region (April/May 2013). Discussion of draft operational vision and plans, identification of necessary support from Dutch side (knowledge, hardware, greenware) and future forms of cooperation;

Expert exchange meetings by Dutch and Mexican providers of hardware, greenware and knowledge. Exchange with activities of 2g@there-program and drafting of cooperation arrangements between Mexican and Dutch organisations and companies;

Presentation of shared vision and plans to Mexican authorities and business partners ( October 2013).

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