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Scoping mission crop protection and pesticide risks assessment Myanmar


Project purpose
The main goal of this scoping mission is to develop a clear strategic and operational direction for the further development of a Pesticide Risk Reduction Programme in combination with improvement of the phytosanitary status and services.

Project results
The main result of this project and mission will be an integral work plan to be designed during interactive meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the Plant Protection Department in Myanmar. For both topics separate meetings/workshops will be organised.

Yangon, Myanmar



€ 50,000

Project status

Project activities
Two workshops on each subject will be held during a full week stay (June 8 – June 12) with the main stakeholders of PPD and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, i.e. twice a session of two working days. In between the two sessions the experts will work out a first draft of the work plan and present this in the second workshop.

With an interactive approach and creating commitment at the same time a consensus on the developed work plan will be created. Gaps and opportunities will be identified in both the pesticide registration process and the phytosanitary field.

The final work plan of a possible period of 3 – 5 years will be worked out in more detail in the Netherlands, with realistic benchmarks, risk assessment and a planning. In consultation with the beneficiaries the final result will be formulated.

An additional meeting on the final result will be held with RVO discussing next steps and a possible longer (financial) commitment from the Dutch side.

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