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Set up of an integrated system of maternal and child care


The project is the improvement of the existing facilities and structures for maternal and child health care in Macedonia through upgrading and modernizing regional secondary hospitals in general and gynaecology. The system of community nursing during and after pregnancy will be improved by building capacity and training of the nurses; and also the system of preventative health care and immunization for all children aged 0-5 will be improved.


Republic of Macedonia


Life Sciences & Health


Ministry of Health

Competent Authority

Ministry of Health

Parties Involved

UNICEF, Finance for Projects

Project number


Total project cost / Total ORIO Grant amount

20,807,500 Euro / 7,428,800 Euro

Status project

Development Phase

The Republic of Macedonia has a perinatal mortality rate (mortality during delivery) of 15.3 per 1,000 births in 2008, while the average in the European Union is approximately 6 per 1,000 births. The infant mortality rate currently is 11.29 per 1000 live births, which is approximately three times higher than the EU average.

This dismal situation can be attributed to many factors, but inadequate quality of antenatal (care during pregnancy), perinatal and postnatal care (care for infants) are major contributing factors. The proportion of births attended by a skilled attendant is low, in particular amongst the Roma women (70 percent) and women with no education (78 percent). The equipment is often in a bad condition and outdated. In addition, the number of community nurses is unequally distributed throughout the country and the patronage nurses often lack skills and technical means to provide sufficient outreach to the communities and deliver quality and comprehensive health care.

The objective of the project is to reduce perinatal mortality, infant mortality and maternal mortality rates, as well as reducing disabilities as a result of deficiencies during pregnancy, delivery and infant care. In addition lower health care costs is one of the objectives by shifting care from tertiary to lower levels of care.

Grant Arrangement for development phase signed on 6 August 2012 by Minister of Health, Mr. Todorov and Ambassador of the Netherlands, Mrs. Schuurman.

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