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Sino-Dutch cooperation in the field of Environmental Accounting

Project purpose

The main purpose of this project is to further strengthen Environmental Accounting in China based on Dutch experience and to enhance cooperation between the two countries in this area.


Project results

The project aims to achieve the following results:

  • Increased awareness on SEEA / environmental accounting of the attendants of the exploratory workshop in Beijing;
  • Shared understanding between MEP, CAEP, NBS and Netherlands Statistics of the possibilities for further co-operation between China and the Netherlands in de area of environmental accounting;
  • Detailed co-operation on one or two subjects identified at the first workshop. This could for instance be IO modelling for environmental issues, data processing, compilation of certain environmental accounts etc.




Beijing and The Hague



Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek;CBS)






€ 54,117


Status project




The project will start with a workshop during which attention will be paid to all the priorities as defined by MEP. After this workshop, the cooperation could be continued with more detailed exchange of experiences on several of the defined priorities. The workshop will be very useful in finding out what would be the most interesting topics for further exchange of idea's.


Workshop on Environmental accounting in Beijing

A two day exploratory workshop will be organised as an interactive seminar with presentations and discussions. The presentations will be provided by both Statistics Netherlands and the Chinese representatives. Discussion sessions will provide insight in the most interesting topics for further cooperation.


The following topics will be addressed during the workshop

  • Overview of SEEA - system of environmental accounts
  • Introduction of EU's Environmental Statistics and Environmental Economic Accounting
  • Overview environmental accounts in the Netherlands;
  • Overview of work on environmental accounting / Green GDP that has been undertaken by China to date (e.g. project with Stats Canada).
  • Institution and Methodology of Dutch Data Quality Assurance for Environmental Statistics and Accounting
  • Agricultural accounts (economic and environmental data for agriculture), with a specific focus on pollution (water emission accounts).
  • Discussion: Determine the area of cooperation and Draft the Work Plan.


Preliminary design of the follow up activities


  • Two Dutch experts travel to China for a follow-up meeting.
  • Follow-up up meeting in the Netherlands. The CBS will receive a small Chinese delegation in the Netherlands;
  • In addition capacity on Dutch side will be freed for long distance support in between workshops/expert visits. (approximately 12 expert days). This support could be provided in the form of skype/video conference or through email exchange.


A follow up meeting could have the form of an in depth workshop on a specific theme based on both Chinese and Dutch experience or an expert mission during which guidance is provided with regard to specific identified challenges.


The exact design of the follow up activities depends on the outcome of the workshop and will be determined by MEP and CBS.


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