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Sino-Dutch cooperation in the field of risk assessment of chemicals

Project purpose

The main purpose of this project is to further strengthen capacity building in risk assessment of chemicals in China to facilitate the companies from the Netherlands and China in complying to chemical regulations in the EU and in China. In this way the project will contribute to enhance chemicals safety in both countries.


Project results

The project aims to achieve the following results:

  • Understanding the methods and principles of risk assessment of chemicals;
  • Developing case studies that can be used for implementing risk assessment in China;
  • Harmonising guidance document for risk assessment of chemicals for the new chemical regulation in China.






National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)






€ 53,765


Status project




Workshop on risk assessment of chemicals in Beijing

A three-day workshop plus one-day discussion will be organised by CRC-MEP as an interactive seminar with presentations and discussions. The presentations will be provided by experts from both RIVM and CRC-MEP. During this workshop, case studies and the difficulties in risk assessment of endocrine disruptors will be discussed. In addition, discussion sessions will provide insight in the most interesting topics for further cooperation in risk assessment of chemicals.


The following topics will be addressed during the workshop and the discussion

  • introduction to REACH and Chinese new chemical regulation
  • data requirements and quality
  • Exposure evaluation including basic concepts and models
  • Hazard assessment
  • Risk characteristics
  • Applications of read-across and QSARs in risk assessment
  • Integrated testing strategies
  • Case studies for environmental risk assessment
  • State of art assessment for endocrine disruptors for the regulatory purposes.

In the fourth day, the discussion will focus on the similarity and differences between REACH and Chinese new chemical regulation; identification of the further needs for collaborations in risk assessment of chemicals with the focus on endocrine disruptors. It is expected that both sides will discuss the possibilities for joint-project applications and building up databases for endocrine disruptors.


Working visit to RIVM, Bilthoven

Six staff members from MEP and CRC-MEP will visit RIVM for one week in 2012. The exact dates may vary according to the availabilities of our experts from both sides but will be decided at least one moth in advance. The purposes of this visit are to exchange methods and guidance documents on risk assessment of chemicals and the OECD QSAR tool box, to discuss the building-up/analysis of the database for EDs and to harmonize the risk assessment methods. It is expected that this visit will benefit to both sides. For MEP/CRAES, experts can experience the EU risk assessment and know the way of working of the EU and the OECD. For RIVM, we could analyze the databases of EDs and explore the possibilities in joint contributions to risk assessment of chemicals and the OSAR tool box for OECD. Four experts from RIVM will discuss REACH and related risk assessment methods.

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