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Sino-Dutch cooperation in medical rehabilitation

Project purpose

Referring to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Dutch and Chinese Ministries of Health, to organize a seminar as a platform to exchange knowledge and expertise about rehabilitation and to gain insight in the possible Dutch contribution to the further development of rehabilitation in China by means of advice, training of professionals and the delivery of equipment.



Project results

  • Participants have a good idea about the current state and government policy concerning rehabilitation in China. and the Netherlands;
  • Participants of the seminar have a clear picture of further  possible contributions from Dutch experts, institutions and companies in the development of rehabilitation in China;
  • Recommendations on the further development of medical rehabilitation in China are available for the stakeholders in China.
  • The possible future cooperation between China and the Netherlands in the field of rehabilitation is explored.



Beijing and Wuxi



Medical Care



Netherlands Embassy in Beijing, Counsellor Health, Welfare and Sport



€ 51,681


Status project



Project activities

Preparations for the seminar:

  • During a kick of meeting, the Netherlands implementing team will discuss the project approach,  the responsibilities and what experts to invite;
  • Government/academic experts will be invited to present the development of medical rehabilitation from a policy and management perspective with a focus on organizing and
    managing “two ways referral systems”;
  • The specific demands regarding medical rehabilitation, as defined by the stakeholders in China, will be explored;
  • Dutch institutions and companies (consultancy, architecture, interior design, training, equipment) with interest in rehabilitation in China will be asked to formulate their main
    vision on their contribution, according to the given demands;
  • The program of the seminar and the focus of the resulting recommendations will be discussed and determined with the Ministry of Health of China and the China Disabled Persons
  • A final fine-tuning of the Chinese and Dutch presentations/lectures will take place.


Mission to China



The actual seminar will take one day and will probably be organised in Wuxi. National organisations such as the Ministry of Health, the China Disabled Persons Federation and the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine will participate. In addition the public health bureau's and clinics from the pilot regions will be invited. Both Netherlands and Chinese experts will prepare presentations and engage in discussions.

The seminar will also involve informal networking opportunities such as an opening and a closing dinner. Possibly, an information market could be organised during the seminar which enables the Dutch companies to showcase their expertise to the Chinese participants.


The programme will be detailed in close cooperation with the Chinese stakeholders. Presentations could include:

  • MoH (policy regarding rehabilitation in hospitals)
  • CDPF (policy regarding rehabilitation centres)
  • Pilot provinces (ambitions for the 12th five year plan)
  • Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports of the Netherlands (rehabilitation in NL)
  • Dutch professor (modern rehabilitation)
  • AMEHR (two ways referral system, templates of rehabilitation in China)
  • Developing rehabilitation in other countries
  • Enraf-Nonius (equipment)
  • Avans+ (training)
  • Simed (example project medical facilities in China)
  • Ecorys (Sutainable energy use in rehabilitation clinics)


Pilot in Wuxi

Following the seminar, the successful rehabilitation pilot in Wuxi will be visited.


Additional meetings

Before and/or after the seminar additional meetings will be organized in order to further strengthen the bilateral relations and to explore the business opportunities in China. Meetings could be focused on the authorities in Wuxi and nearby Shanghai, but also Beijing could be considered.



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