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Soil & water management cooperation Ontario and The Netherlands

Project purpose

The soil policy in the province of Ontario and especially the city of Toronto is changed in a sustainable way.


(Targetted) Project results

The expected results of the project are:

  • the implementation of soil policy is more cost-effective, making it possible to redevelop contaminated areas;
  • a draft operational system for setting up a pilot project for a soil bank facility;
  • the Canadian experts involved have increased knowledge on soil management;
  • Canadian policy makers are able to create new policies on sustainable land management;

These policies are demonstrated in a pilot project.






Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment



Water management



€ 68,998


 Project status

Implementation phase


Project Activities

To start a dialogue with representatives from the MoE of Ontario, Agency Soil+ and NSP to elaborate the following points:

1.Subject definition: Soil management facility – Soil re-use;

2.Setting up a project team on Ontario and The Netherlands side;


As a kick off for the contents of the above mentioned activities the Dutch experience with soil re-use in infrastructural works, soil banks and soil quality mapping, some inputs can be derived / questions can be posed like:

  • It is worthwhile to consider defining a set of concentration and leaching standards  for soil re-use / application.
  • With leaching standards the necessity to monitor groundwater quality could be alleviated. This would – for operators – eliminate a serious hurdle to re-use soil in large infrastructural works.
  • Analyses of  the system soil bank facility(in Ontario). In order to maintain control on the “flows of soil” a simple registration system for soil quality and quantity can be implemented.


The actions mentioned above will be implemented through the following activities:

  • The further elaboration of a new MoU;
  • Visits of Dutch experts to Toronto;
  • A visit of Canadian experts to The Netherlands;
  • The elaboration of a policy guidance document;
  • The elaboration of a roadmap for setting up Slim Topsoil+ in the Province of Ontario;
  • The setup of a Slim Topsoil+ in the Province of Ontario.


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