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Stimulating cooperative entrepeneurship by introducing irrigation

Goal of the project

This project aims to:
  • Develop sustainable entrepreneurship in Burundi contributing to poverty alleviation of 30,000 direct beneficiaries by irrigating 1,000 ha of land and introducing a cash crop
  • Creating a cooperative-based business case of growing patchouli, selling the essential oils.

Project number



  • Burundi


  • Province de Makamba (commune de Nyanza-Lac)


  • Agriculture
  • Sector development
  • Farmer cooperative
  • Irrigation

Project budget

€ 7,798,145 (FDOV contribution = € 3,000,000)


  • Alterra
  • Agape Burundi
  • Province de Makamba

Project description

The partners in this project will set up a cooperative, which will coordinate the growth, processing, marketing, and sales of essential oils (based on Patchouli). Patchouli is a crop suitable for the soil and climate of Burundi and has an adequate market potential considering that the world market demand is bigger than supply. Thus far, Patchouli was mainly cultivated in East Asia; while earlier attempts were made, this is the first time Patchouli is grown at larger scale in Burundi. This project will make 1,000 ha of uncultivated land available for at least 30 years in the province of Makamba. In total 30,000 direct beneficiaries will profit from the work of the cooperative and 4,000 peasant household will be directly involved. The project also secures the financing of capacity building from the cooperative profits also beyond the life time of the project.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is formal partner in this project.

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