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Strengthening the national multiplication and registration process of new potato varieties in Ukraine

Project purpose
The Ukrainian variety registration system is in line with the EU standards at the Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination.

Project result

  • The experts of the Ukrainian organisations involved have learned the importance of a central registration institute for varieties;
  • A Ukrainian control system harmonised with the EU practices on the variety registration process has been agreed upon and possibly implemented;
  • The recognition of the DUS- and VCU-data on potato varieties has been realised;
  • The time for the process of registration of new potato varieties has been reduced to one year;
  • The importance of having new resources of seed potato available has been recognised;
  • A more market driven breeding program for seed potatoes has been accepted;
  • Ukrainian varieties have been analysed on their potential to meet the market needs;
  • The experts of the Ukrainian organisations involved have gained insight in the Dutch experience in the implementation of a payment system for breeders rights, relevant lessons learned have been shared;
  • Networking opportunities created by bringing together expertise from the Netherlands and Ukraine, both at governmental and private sector level;
  • Project results disseminated on regional and federal level by locally organised meetings.


New Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority


€ 137,000

Project duration
01 January 2013 - 30 June 2014

Project activities

  • An assessment mission on the registration process in Ukraine;
  • Two missions on the registration process of new potato varieties and implementation of breeders rights legislation (registration, royalties and control). Exchange of official descriptions of common knowledge varieties of potato and examples potato varieties (photo data base, morphological descriptions) will be dealt with;
  • One mission on phytosanitary import inspection of seed potato consignments to the Netherlands;
  • A study tour to the NAK and Naktuinbouw on the process of establishing new varieties with special attention to DUS and VCU-testing, GM-activities, and phytosanitary issues;
  • A study tour on the classification and certification of seed potatoes at the NAK in the Netherlands will be organised. This will include peculiarities of renewal and maintenance of common knowledge on potato varieties collections in EU and Netherlands; A visit to a breeder will be included.
  • One final workshop on the development on the “Situation and prospects of potato production development in Ukraine and EU”.


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