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Strengthening the Plant Variety PJroctection system in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Project purpose
Enabling BiH to develop a UPOV based Plant Breeders’ Rights system and in addition to prepare the practical implementation of EU based marketing legislation with the aim to  allow agriculture and horticulture producers to access certified high quality seedlings materials, and to enhance cooperation and exchange of expertise between the Dutch and BiH.

Project results

  1. Inception report is drafted and agreed upon by BiH and Dutch partners;
  2. Design of the new system that is in line with UPOV requirements;
  3. Improved expertise on the implementation of plant variety protection (PVP) and on DUS testing in general and in a number of specified crops.

Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Stichting Nederlandse Algemene Kwaliteitsdienst Tuinbouw


€ 92,974

Project status
Implementation phase

Project activities

  • Inception mission
    Naktuinbouw and representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs will discuss and agree with the BiH counterpart on the projectplan which will be confirmed in a signed Memorandum of Understanding between all partners. After this mission the parties will be able to define which trainings (choice crops) will be selected.
  • Awareness of PVP
    Delegation of the BiH will conduct a study tour to the Netherlands during which the effect of PVP on the development of the Dutch plant breeding industry will be demonstrated and discussed; Seminar will be organised in BiH with Bosnian and Dutch speakers on the effects of PVP, Participants: the Institute of Agriculture, inspectorates and Agriculture ministries of Entities and Brcko District of BiH; A Expertise on PVP; Two BiH experts will participate in the two weeks international PVP course in Wageningen (15 -26th June)
  • UPOV based DUS training
    Technical training for personnel of the Authority for the plant protection of BiH on the practical implementation of Plant Variety Protection, on UPOV based DUS testing in general and that of different agriculture and horticulture varieties (e.g. raspberries, roses, potatoes etc.) will be given on the spot in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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