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Trade mission Uganda

Project purpose

The purpose of the mission is to

- Invite 20 Ugandan companies from agribusiness and transport/logistics sectors to The Netherlands and get them in contact with potential Dutch business partners

- have informed Dutch companies and business institutions in 2 sub-regions about trade and investment opportunities in Uganda with market access to the wider East African market; as well as about specific business challenges;

- launch a few business facilitation tools for Dutch companies that are interested to explore business opportunities in Uganda

- have Ugandan companies informed about the needs, perceptions and requirements of Dutch companies

- create mutual understanding and a basis for partnerships between two business communities.


Project results

  • 80 companies informed about business opportunities and challenges in Uganda
  • 60% of participating Ugandan companies have received positive Dutch interest for a potential partnership
  • 10 companies have completed the forms for applying a business coach for their visit in Uganda (“reversed match making”)
  • 10-20 Ugandan participants better informed about the Dutch business perceptions and expectations
  • To broaden the NUTIP network in the Netherlands
  • Nutip gets launched formally and gets in contact with PUM and other organizations who can of help with the first steps

UIA gets in contact with Dutch potential partners for G2G project (investment tracking and tracing, regionalization, set up of business incubators)









Agri and Transport



€ 64,339


Project status

Implementation phaseProject activities

  • NUTIP, UIA, Ugandan Embassy and EKN will work together to identify suitable Ugandan companies that are members of NUTIP interested in Doing business with Dutch companies. This will be achieved through a screening process
  • RVO through a tendering process will identify a Dutch consultancy firm in the Netherlands which will organise sessions in two parts of the country (West and East). Director Co Verdaas of CDI (WUR) would facilitate an event organized in Arnhem by the “Commissaris van de Koning in Gelderland), Cornelis Cornielje. As his party is critical about investment opportunities in the Great Lakes, this opening is very important. Dutch companies and business support institutions will be invited to these sessions. NUTIP, UIA, Ugandan Embassy and EKN will work hand in hand to provide information about investment opportunities in Uganda and explain how investments and trade are facilitated. Besides that; visits to Dutch companies, insight in Dutch technology and machinery and  round tables/masterclasses on Dutch way of doing agri-business and transport/logistics will be organized.

In addition, the Policy Officer Agribusiness and Economic Diplomacy at EKN Kampala  will travel together with representatives from NUTIP and UIA to accompany the Ugandan companies. Minister of Trade Hon Amelia Kyambadde will also be invited for the mission.

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