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Tumaco - Pacifico Campus (TPC)


The project consists of the construction of a rural campus for the National University of Colombia (UNC), including teaching facilities.


Tumaco, Nariño department, Colombian Pacific region




Ministry of Education

Competent Authority

Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNC)

Project number


Total project cost / Total ORIO Grant amount

36,100,000 Euro / 12,935,686 Euro

Status project

Development phase

As far as education is concerned, the Tumaco region presents indicators that are below the national average. Because higher education is mainly concentrated in the bigger cities, the Colombian government has developed a concerted strategy, aimed at making higher education available in the more remote areas of the country. If these problems are not addressed, they will perpetuate and continue to be the perfect scenario for corruption, poverty, social problems, political instability, terrorism, etc.

The campus will have a constructed surface of 10,000 m2 with a capacity for 3,500 people. Undergraduate and graduate programmes will be offered, with efforts to include the minorities and poor of the region. The graduate programmes that will be offered will have direct relevance to the region. The project will also provide virtual or online education in both undergraduate and graduate programs, similar to the programmes running in all of UNC's other campuses.

UNC-TPC will be part of the Colombian higher education system. It will be functionally integrated into all UNC systems (academic information, financial system, administration, management, recruitment). This will guarantee immediate access to academic services, teachers, researchers, software, data bases, laboratory networks, library networks, research network, and the legal system of the University.

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