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Urban Design Event Ghana


Project purpose
The purpose is to contribute to sustainable and inclusive urban development in Ghana and an increased cooperation and business between the Netherlands and Ghana in the field of urban development.
To achieve this several Ghanaian-Dutch initiatives team up and organize the Urban Design Event Ghana 2015 that engages all relevant stakeholders, strengthens their knowledge by sharing Netherlands and Ghanaian/ECOWAS expertise and serves as trigger for planning, project development and investments.

Project results

  • Participants (professionals, decision makers, investors, end-users and students) have gained knowledge and new insights concerning Urban design, specifically Urban Development, infrastructure and housing in Ghanaian and international context
  • Inventory of existing Urban growth and development strategies,  masterplans and (large) development projects in the Accra area
  • A (strong) network between Dutch and Ghanaian (ECOWAS)  urban design professionals, the public (end users) and decision makers, financiers and developers
  • Valuable input from Ghanaian and Dutch experts (and other stakeholders) in different actual challenges in the area of urban development, infrastructure and housing
  • Leads for concrete (development) projects that Ghanaian and Dutch professionals will continue to work on after the event
  • Dutch expertise and (integral) approach promoted in Ghana.

Accra, Ghana

Dasuda Foundation

€ 47.000

Project status

Project activities
An urban design event of three days will be organized. The Event is foreseen to address three interrelated themes: Urban Development, Infrastructure and Design. The specific set up will be left for Dasuda to discuss with all parties involved.

In principle the following set up is foreseen:

Day 1: Urban Development

Addressed will be (amongst other things)What is a City/capital, the importance of good planning, heritage.

Morning: Formal opening involving high level participants. Several presentations will explain the value of design, show relevant projects, and methodologies. Also the Kick-off of The Berlage project will be an integral part of the program. The mayor will be invited to formulate the situation, the challenges and his vision.

During practical workshops sessions in the afternoon, local and Dutch experts are challenged actively participate in the planning challenges and to give their opinion.

At the end of the day a cocktail at the residence of the ambassador is foreseen to look back at the day in an informal setting.

Day 2: Urban infrastructure

This does not only include mobility, but also circular economy.

Apart from presentations and public debate, practical cases will be worked on in small groups of professionals, end-users , investors and decision makers.

A link will be made with the embassy's WASH activities. For three of the 12 MA's from greater Accra a master plan is being made focused on WASH. This could be linked to practical cases. Interesting point of discussion could also be: how does the MA planning relate to the integral planning of the greater Accra Area.

Also the result of the Berlage 2014 research project is presented: The Berlage Complete and Grand Ghana Mobility Guidelines Handbook, outlining the relationship between national and local networks to the future of Ghana; and a collective map, synthesizing the overall research.

Day 3: Housing

Examples of affordable housing solutions will be presented,  single unit (a.o. Butterfly Housing) as well as Accra

housing developments (Immanuel Sirron-Kakpor) and High Density (Albanië) public and private sector development

models. Also the ‘Stadsherstel Amsterdam’ model will be addressed. Again this day will consist of presentations (from Ghanaian as well as Dutch Experts), public debate and practical workshops.

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