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Urban development Accra, The Berlage project

Project purpose

To contribute (modestly) to the process of developing Accra towards a modern capital city.
To team up with other Ghanaian-Dutch initiatives and address the topic of urban planning, raise awareness for the socio-economic and cultural potential of the discipline and showcase a “Dutch Approach”.

Project results

  • Students have obtained excellent insight in the situation in Accra and input and guidance from Ghanaian and Dutch experts;
  • Valuable input from Ghanaian and Dutch experts and students for the challenges in creating a vision on Accra as capital, designing a plan for the city centre and greater metropolitan area;
  • A link has been made between The Berlage research projects and other Ghanaian-Dutch urban design initiatives, ultimately resulting in a (strong) network between Dutch and Ghanaian (ECOWAS)  urban design professionals (public and private) , investors, the public (end users) and decision makers.
  • Dutch expertise and (integral) approach promoted in Ghana.

Accra, Ghana

THE Berlage

€ 24,000

Project status
Implementation phase

Project activities
First day of the Urban Design Event

During the first day of the Urban design event, the topic is introduced to the students and a larger audience.

The mayor will be invited to formulate the situation, the challenges and his vision. Presentations on the subject will be provided by experts like Nanne de Ru (Director Berlage Center), Frits Palmboom (chair of urban design TU Delft), experts from the Central University in Ghana and Rogier van den Berg (Project Leader Urban Planning and Design Lab UN Habitat, Nairobi)

During practical workshops sessions in the afternoon, local and Dutch experts are challenged actively participate in the planning challenges and to give their opinion.

Working on the project

The students will further work for 4 days on the projects in an interactive setting with guidance from the Dutch experts involved in the project. Also local input will be provided by field visits and expert involvement. Preferably the students will work at the same location as the design event as to stimulate and facilitate interaction.

Second day of the Urban Design Event

The result of the first research part is presented during the Urban Design Event: The Berlage Complete and Grand Ghana Mobility Guidelines Handbook, outlining the relationship between national and local networks to the future of Ghana; and a collective map, synthesizing the overall research.

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