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Valorization of potato by-products into new sustainable functional vegetal proteins

In this project the overall goal is that we will prove it is possible to valorize by-products from the potato processing industry, i.e. reject potatoes, cuts and peels and potato fruit juice (PFJ), into functional proteins and polyphenols in a way that is cost-effective. In order to achieve this several innovative sub goals need to be achieved. The first innovative goal is to design a stable, cost effective and sustainable process on preparative lab scale with the ability to extract a functional potato protein (protein-fiber, patatin and protease inhibitor) out of the PFJ, while keeping the undesirable substances at an acceptable level. The second innovative goal is to convert the information of the preparative lab scale process into a semi industrial process under the same (or better) conditions whereby the product can also be tested and tasted. The third innovative goal is to get the protein dry in a way that the protein does not loose (much) of its functionality. The functiona protein is very sensitive to heat, therefore it is a big challenge to dry the product and not lose its functionality. The fourth innovative goal is determining the rheological and sensory properties of the functional protein and their applicability in existing applications (as a plant-based replacement for egg-based protein and whey-based protein) and new applications. All this will result in a fully innovative process for the separation of functional protein from PFJ, with a complete design including equipment choice, floor plan, work instructions, etc. on a semi factory scale that can be used as a basis for the realization of the process on factory scale. Lastly we'll produce samples of the functional proteins and their applications which will be submitted to food processors in order to prove the use of these functional proteins from by-products and make the step to a sustainable world easier.

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