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Water Supply Upper East Region Ghana


The project is the rehabilitation of an existing water treatment plant (WTP) and the design, implementation (including training) and subsequent use of a new WTP including extensions of the transmission and distribution network to supply potable water to the end-users in Bolgatanga, Navrongo and Bongo.


Northeast Ghana




Ministry of Water Resources, Works & Housing

Competent Authority

Ghana Water Company Ltd

Parties Involved

Consortium of Witteveen & Bos

Project number


Total project cost / Total ORIO Grant amount

40,126,34 euro / 14,326,341 Euro

Status project

Implementation Phase

The Upper East Region is located in the North Eastern part of Ghana, bordering Burkina Faso and Togo. The major cities are Bolgatanga, Bongo and Navrongo. Serious restraints in the drinking water supply are identified throughout the area. The existing water supply system has inadequate capacity to meet the demand. The high population growth in the larger cities increases the shortages. The area generally is quite arid, which has also resulted in migration to the larger cities.

At this moment there is a small drinking WTP located between Bolgatanga and Bongo, supplying both cities with insufficient capacity. After the foreseen system change, this WTP will be dedicated to Bongo and its surroundings. The raw water source for this system, the Vea irrigation reservoir, is exploited to its limit, which eliminates the possibility of extended use. To supply the cities of Bolgatanga, Navrongo and their surroundings, a new raw water source and a new WTP is foreseen. The above solution will close the demand gap after its completion. The number of people that will be supplied with potable water in 2030 is estimated to be 310,488. Of these people, 230,488 currently do not have access to potable water. The remaining 80,000 will have access to a more reliable connection.

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