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A to Z cooperation on heritage based urban development and management

Project purpose

The overall goal of the project is to assist Zanzibar in its endeavours of making, updating and implementing the spatial planning of Unguja and Pemba, based on the sustainable and resilience principles with a focus on the already developed policy framework and strategies.

Project results
Overall results/targets

Six targets have been identified for cooperation between Zanzibar and Amsterdam and for which capacity of the relevant public and private parties will be strengthened:

  • Social and economic development in the historic urban context
  • Housing development in the historic urban context
  • Public private partnership in heritage management
  • Urban planning of historic areas
  • Development of a legal framework for the support of dynamic development in historic urban setting
  • Merging tangible and intangible aspects of heritage preservation

These targets will be addressed in the context of two concrete cases.  The results/output of these two concrete project cases are:

Hifadhi Zanzibar :

  • Hifadi has been established as a formal company in Zanzibar with sufficient shareholders and funds
  • Hifadi team has been trained (on the job)
  • Assistant General Manager is trained and capable of taking over control of the company
  • a first building has been acquired, its restoration has been prepared and started and the lease of the building has been prepared
  • a list of potential next projects is composed by executing feasibility studies for interesting monumental buildings that fit in the profile of Hifadhi projects
  • the role of built heritage in urban development in Zanzibar is promoted in cooperation with existing governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Ng’ambo Tuitikayo (The Ng’ambo we want!):

  • a comprehensive development plan for Ng’ambo has been made
  • Policy Planning Guidance (PPG) for development in historical urban areas (like Ng’ambo) are refined and completed
  • Assessment of  the possibilities to establish a housing development model/strategy through public private partnership in order to assist local residents to ameliorate and develop their houses recognizing the plans and policies. The strategy should also realise the required higher density for the development of a compact and sustainable city centre whilst respecting its cultural heritage.


Gemeente Amsterdam

€ 198.950

Project status
Implementation phase

Project activities
The results are achieved by the following activities:

Overall results/targets:

A steering group will be established in order to identify the progress made in relation to the projected goals and targets. The main task of the steering group is to identify how the practical experiences derived from the project cases contribute to a better achievement of the six targets mentioned under results.  In order to create policy advises on the basis of the two concrete project cases, a continuous monitoring of the development of the projects in relation to these targets is key. In order to do so, the steering group will meet during the workshops held in the course of the total project period.

During the workshops, attention is given to the specific steps made in the previous period and stages, while results are measured in relation to the projected objectives and the programme for the following period is established. Also other partners and stakeholders (see project descriptions) will be invited to the workshop for a broader perspective on the achievements.

Each workshop will be concluded with commonly formulated, concrete recommendations to the Government of Zanzibar and in particular the DoURP, as well as to involved partners, on further development of heritage based urban development and management policies.


1. Intensive advice and guidance in the first year by making a senior consultant available for coordination and management, assisting the local interim General Manager and training of the assistant General Manager, who will be prepared for taking over the GM position;
2. Missions of the International Officer of Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV to Zanzibar for training purposes;
3. Training periods for staff of Hifadhi Zanzibar in Amsterdam during the first year.

Ng’ambo Tuitikayo

1. a kick-off workshop;
2. Intermediate workshops or studio’s;
3. Training of DoURP staff in the Netherlands.

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